20 May 2009

Wonky Houses III

I really admire those hookers who can plan a rug from beginning to end before they ever pull a loop....but, alas, I'm not one of them. My preferred method is get stuck, throw it on the floor for a few days, toss stuff at it, agonize. Repeat as needed.

I do like the way the houses are coming together! I don't think I would normally use Ice House blue, Pepperberry and Pepperberry Plaids in the same rug but your neighbors don't necessarily coordinate their home's paint color to yours, do they?

It's surprising how much faster this project is coming along with the 8.5 cut. I was concerned, at first, that that I'd have a hard time getting enough definition in the shapes but it seems to be working just fine.

.......just playing around with the unspun fleece to see how it behaves!

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