24 November 2010

Townsend Fabric Cutters!

Well, I don't usually use my blog for blatent advertising of my website but this is one instance where I'm just going to do it!

The Merry Hooker Woolens is proud to begin offering the full line of Beeline Townsend Fabric Cutters for rug hookers! This essential piece of rug hooking equipment is so well-made that you will never need to upgrade to another cutter. It is, without a doubt,the finest precision wool cutter available for rug hooking.
I've wanted to add the Townsend line of products to my website for several years and, with the change in ownership of the company, the opportunity has finally presented itself. I've resisted adding other cutters to my website because I've always tried to offer the best quality rug hooking materials and supplies to my customers....now, I'm so glad I waited.
Precision engineered and manufactured using the original Townsend specifications, the attractive Bee Line-Townsend Fabric Cutter attaches easily to a variety of work surfaces or to the Beeline-Townsend tote table. The cutter cassette easily snaps into place and, within a few seconds, you are cutting (like buttah!) perfect fabric strips. I'm offering the cutter cartridges in all sizes ranging from a #3 cut up to a #10 cut in both the standard and kitmaker (long) sizes.
Go directly to my new Beeline Townsend Products page by clicking on this link:

Beeline Townsend Cutters and Cassettes

Preorder your cutter now for delivery in December!

The big bonus..... Free US Shipping on most Beeline-Townsend Cutter orders.*
Beeline-Townsend plans to begin manufacturing the tote table and orbiter frames for early 2011 delivery......and I'll add them to the website just as soon as they are available!

*Minimum orders apply. Please see the Townsend Cutters page for details.