29 June 2009

A Blank Canvas....

....metaphorically speaking.

This deceptively simple-looking form took quite a bit of time to make! Not hard, just needed attention to detail. So what do you think it's going to be when it's completed?????

19 June 2009

Home From College (Briefly!)

I woke up Wednesday AM to signs that my soon-to-be 21 year old son, Alex, was in the house.

Having just finished his second year at University of Oregon, he's off to backpack in Europe for three months.

This means we're cramming a summer's worth of visiting, home cooking, friends stopping by, Father's Day and hugs from Mom into 5 short days.

Ryan came by to say hi ....

I love having their energy in the house!

And what, you may ask, was the clue that tipped me off to Alex's middle-of-the-night arrival?

15 June 2009

Hooking Styles

After watching each of these well-produced videos, I am reminded of how inclusive our art from is. Perhaps, since I'm not much in to dogmatic thinking, that is part of the reason rug hooking is so appealing to me. Watch these & see what you think (be patient, they may take a moment to load):
From Deanne Fitzpatrick....

From Gene Shepherd....

Gene is precise in his technique…..each of his “linguine” strips is evenly cut and his movements to create his loops are so uniform; Deanne will quickly snip a strip off a width of fabric with her scissors and she allows her loops to wander over her foundation to give an impression of the form she wishes to depict.
My personal hooking is somewhere in between....where's yours?

There are so many 'right ways' to hook.....we can all find what works for us.

Maybe more world leaders and religious leaders should take up rug hooking. Oh dear, that doesn't solve the challenges with the bankers and corporate exec's though, does it? Sigh.....

05 June 2009

Moving Along with Wonky Houses

Now I'm starting to like it....the color choice for the third house was a challenge but the Majolica, a soft blue-green, seems to be the right balance of light to medium I was looking for.
Next....trying new materials for the night sky!