02 May 2009

Planning Wonky Houses

Do you belong to a rug hooking group? I'd love to hear about yours!
A little over three years ago I had the good fortune to find a great group of women who meet weekly to visit and work on hooking projects together. Lately, some of us have been exploring Deanne Fitzpatrick's designs and influence on rug hooking. What glorious inspiration her work is.
I will try to get photos of a few of my friends' DF pieces to share with you but here's what I'm starting on:

Deanne's style is so distinctive and free....this design calls out to me. I'm thinking that I will try adding a greater variety of materials to the sky which I've redrawn to add a sliver of a moon. I think I'll hook the houses in my own style but using a #8.5 cut which I have not done before. What else can I try that I've never done before??
Thanks for putting up with my ramblings today..... perhaps you can see why a design with wonky houses appeals to my wonky mind.


moosecraft said...

I really like DF's wonky houses too! Looking forward to seeing how you hook it up! Springtime amiles to you Marita!!!

moosecraft said...

oops... that's supposed to be SMILES...

Sandi said...

can't wait to see this finished...you'll like the 8.5 cut :)