23 May 2009

A Few Good Greys

Playing around with Photoshop can be fun.....this gives just an impression of a few new colors I came up with recently.

I spent a little time reviewing the range of hand dyed wool colors that I offer on my website. Keeping up with a full rainbow in light, medium and dark shades is no easy task. And there are the dulls and brights too!
I knew there were gaps in my color spectrum but it dawned on me that I had a whole category missing..... we all need a grey now & then. So, I spent a dye day working up a few good grays (plus a few others for fun). Who knew that boring ole' grey could be so much fun & come in so many shades....and look so nice with the Dusty Plums and Canning Jar Blue I dyed on the same day. I think the Warm Grey is my favorite today.

Here's the original photo:

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moosecraft said...

Gorgeous!!!! I want all of them!!!! :-)