09 May 2009

Wonky Houses II

I'm having such a good time with this! But, I'm also doing more reverse hooking* than usual. Since I'm hooking the houses, window frames and eaves all in medium values I'm having a bit of a time getting everything to show up the way I want....and what to do with the windowpanes???
Sometimes, when I'm having trouble with the values in a rug, I really like to get a good working photo and use the black & white effects in Photoshop....it helps me see what's working & what's not.

* A highly technical term for the time-honored practice of ripping out strips of wool from your foundation when you don't like what you've done.

1 comment:

moosecraft said...

Very nice Marita! I am enjoying seeing how you are hooking a pattern that is pretty "famous"! :-) I like the color study too with checking the values in grayscale. D