14 January 2010


Just a quick update to let you know that I haven't dropped of the face of any cliffs on the California coast...
I'm in the midst of getting my new line of Mary Poppins-style carpetbag patterns ready for my website.....they should be ready by the end of January.
The patterns will come with good directions for constructing your bag.....they are so much fun to make!
Just so you know....these are my own copywrited designs from start to finish, including the drafting of the bag pattern (I've already had one well-known rug hooking designer suggest that the the Revolution bag is her design) :-(

More soon!


tj said...

...Oh my goodness, I love that! I haven't started the kit I purchased from you recently but it's on the table to be next... :o)

...I will have to purchase one of these patterns from you as soon as you list 'em...

...Beautiful work!

...Blessings... :o)

HeyPearly said...

The U.S.Flag belongs to all of us. Any designer that claims it for their own, better speak with Betsy Ross! For you to apply it to your carpetbag only shows how creative you are, and your understanding of it's wide appeal.Don't let the dirty Devils get you down! I can't wait to get mine ((*_*)) !

Anonymous said...
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