15 January 2009

Happy New Year....Time to Learn to Hook!

Wishing all of you a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

Well, I just didn't know that keeping up with a blog would be such a challenge but I'm really not a wordy person (although some members of my family might disagree) & I keep forgetting to take photographs when I'm out and about.

This week's big news is that we're starting off the year with a beginning rug hooking class in the studio. I'm looking forward to sharing my love of this art & craft with others. We'll start with simple, but interesting, patterns hand drawn on good linen and add beautiful wool, a little bit of lecturing and a lot of hands-on time and, hopefully, my students will be hooked!

I will try to get a couple of photos to share.

Stay Warm.....


BeFRuiTFuL said...

A rug hooking class that is awesome. Have fun Marita.


Jenny said...

Your hook rugs are amazing. I am starting my first one. I am getting a tudor..heehee. No classes here in Denver.

I love your work!!