06 April 2012

New Patterns!

I've just added several inspiring and fun new patterns to my website! These are just a small sample......

  These joyful dancing sisters are as light as air.....

"Naughty Dolly"

And, do you wonder what Dolly has done to merit such a look?

Both of these designs, so full of life, are designed by Sharon Smith.
A link to Ballerinas
And a link to Naughty Dolly

"Sheep Houses & Moon"

And this is my current project....
"Sheep Houses & Moon", a Karla Gerard design. His Quilly hairdo is inspired by the many bolts of natural textured wool that I keep in my studio for dyeing my custom line of hand dyed rug hooking and applique wools.
He's currently pinned to my design board patiently watching over the studio because life has gotten in the way of rug hooking lately. I'll get back to him eventually!

Quillies Inspired by Natural, Undyed Wools


Jeannette said...

Hi Marita,

I love what you're doing with "Sheep Houses & Moon". I have to remember to use the rolled swirls on something. What are you going to do with the B/G?

Please post a pix when you finished.

Jeannette in PA

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Love your Ballerinas! Such fun and fun colors!

Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer said...

The naughty dolly is wonderful! I love the sheep you are hooking. I hope you have time to work on him soon.