29 April 2011

Getting Ready for Irish Beach

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a few days on the wild and beautiful coast of Northern California.... four days of nothing but hooking with friends!
A beautiful pattern has been waiting several months for me to pull together wools and hook it. I decided my time in Irish Beach would be well spent working on it but first, I had to be sure I would be prepared with the right materials. So the pattern laid on a table in my studio for a week while I worked out a plan.

I'm sure you can tell..... the rug has a Fall theme.
This is my favorite way to plan a rug; placing wools around the pattern, leaving it out where I can look at it in different light through the day, remove wools that I think aren't right, trying something new and eventually coming up with a collection of colors that I think will work.
But, of course, once I start hooking it can all change again!


Gayle said...

What beautiful colors!

Julia said...

What lovely wool and the colors are just so beautiful. JB

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Such beautiful wools. Nothing better than to play with them :)..
I like doing that too with my pattern. Amazing how many different color combinations you can come up with! Look forward to seeing your piece, and have a lovely trip!