12 February 2009

Winter on the Faultline

Just a brief note today....
California has been so beautiful this winter. Sunny skies, weeks of 65 degree days, very little rain.
But, as with many things, we'll pay a price...... it's much too early for the trees to be blooming and we'll be rationing water by spring.


Doreen said...

Marita..I just found your lovely blog..it's so pretty and suits you perfectly! I just ordered a small bit of wool..a wonderful stripe..I love it!

This is a beautiful photo...we are having what appears to be a blizzard today..horrible howling winds...snow...it's rather awful!

Thank you so much for having my blog listed here!! I've got you added to mine as well.

Have a wonderful day!

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

We are in serious need of some rain here in Southern California. I envy the cool weather you all are having up North.

Jenny said...

Lovely blog. You may need to change your layout to minima, cuz I cannot see all of it.

ps,I am having a blog giveaway, come see!

Marita said...

Thank you Jenny!....I had been working on the layout & didn't realize Minima was no longer selected.
I'll come & look at your blog,
Best Wishes,