20 December 2008

Vintage Ribbonwork

Years ago I had the good fortune (and the time!) to study antique ribbonwork with Candace Kling, a notable artist who works largely with ribbon and other textiles. While best known for the magnificent floral forms and hats that she creates, Candace has made a study of vintage Victorian ribbonwork. Her teaching methods are detailed and exact. I still use my notebook, filled with measurements and scraps of folded paper, to construct fine fabric ribbonwork to embellish my custom hand sewn curtains.

This simple cocarde, or more precisely, galette, is one of my favorites and is constructed from vintage grosgrain ribbon and embellished with an antique hand- carved mother of pearl button from my collection. I wish there were still mills that would weave ribbon of this quality..... this vintage piece was a dream to work with.


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Marita, nice job with your blog. Love the cocard, it is wonderful. Can't say I've ever heard of that before. Just beautiful! Look forward to seeing more of what you do. I've added you to my blog to keep checking back.

katie said...

Just found your blog this morning thanks to google alert.
I really like the galette, have never seen that before. It is beautiful.
Also wonderful hooking, will be visiting often