19 July 2014

A Few Changes Happening to Our Website Soon...

We've been using the same website hosting service since the beginning of 2008. But, now and then, there comes a time when change is necessary. It can be (is!) a bunch of work and there can be a few glitches along the way but ultimately, change can be very positive. Sooo...
If all goes as planned, during the week of July 27th The Merry Hooker Woolens will be migrating to a new web hosting service. We've been working on this change behind the scenes for a few months and it's time to go live with our new website. We'll have a fresh new look, new products (along with most of our current products), great new website features and a more reliable internet framework for our customers.
We're very excited about the changes and hope that you will enjoy them too.
When change happens, there's often a glitch or two, so we expect the website to be offline for a day or so around the 28th and 29th...but don't worry; we'll be right back.
Once our new website goes live, you will still find us at our same web address, www.TheMerryHookerWoolens.com, although if you have us bookmarked, you may need to refresh your bookmark.
All unfilled orders placed on the current website will transfer to the new website, so please feel free to place your orders as usual.
In the meantime, we are 100% open for business so jot down our alternative email address, sewstudio at earthlink  dot  net ,in case you should need to communicate with us while we're offline. We'll also keep you up to date via this blog.

Thanks for your patience and your continued support!

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